As I continue to enjoy the Winter of Heather, I’ve chosen another blog post from deep in the archives that gave me a chuckle. I’m hard at work getting new posts ready for January, but first I have to take a nap. If you did not get the references above, please hurry up and watch Seinfeld – you’re missing out on comedy gold!

Have you ever wondered if you’ve gotten the same dollar bill twice in your life? I rarely use cash, but decided to do so this month because no one wants to have a spending spree in December wreck their stunning financial achievements of the previous 11 months. By stunning achievements, I refer of course to not buying my own Taco Bell franchise on credit.

It would be great for my belly, but Hubster cannot be convinced.

Let’s circle back to the original topic, which was paper money. I was thumbing through the change I had gotten at a store and I came across a dollar bill with a mustache drawn on the president. It looked like it could have been done by anyone, but what tickled the memory was that I had received a similar bill last year and I doodled a beard onto the president before spending it.

Apparently I am easily led into destructive acts by those around me.

I was sure this mustache and beard were the same ones I had last year. Could it be? As my brain wandered around with these thoughts, I decided the only thing I could do was start photographing all my bills with presidential doodles, a way to compare them to future bills. Just as I made this decision, the Taco Bell worker held out her hand for my money and I handed it right over. The nacho cheese was more important than the photo for future reference.

Every fat kid has their priorities.

I will regret this next month when Taco Bell hands me change and the president has a goatee – it will stare at me while I eat my nachos and rage that I didn’t take the photo when I had the chance.

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