Heather. A name that brings to mind a quiet field of flowers on a relaxed summer day.

The exact opposite of my personality.

I am filled with sarcasm and it makes its appearance at the most inopportune times – think work events or funerals. I am the Mommybeast to an English bulldog named Lola. She follows me around the house so closely, I can feel her paws hit the back of my legs as I walk. Which usually ends with one of us tripping and hitting the ground…

I spend the majority of my time making sure Lola stays alive – her antics land her in odd predicaments. Hubster (aka the Daddybeast) lives with us, and he’s pretty great at saving us from the mayhem we create.

Please check on us if we haven’t been heard from in a few days.

Check out my Facebook page @ShankYouHeather and @ShankYouDesigns

I also tweet like a bird on Twitter @HeatherKeet

You can also find me on Instagram @ShankYouHeather and @ShankYouDesigns

Lola and I opened a store so we can sell our funniest blog sayings on cool stuff. Check it out at Shank You Very Much

13 replies on “About me

  1. Hi Heather- I often read your comments on Disqus and think you are hysterical. I didn’t know you had a blog til today. I can’t wait to start reading future and archived posts.


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