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Over three years ago, I started this blog. A few months after that, Lola began demanding space for her own bulldog thoughts to be added for the reader’s delight. Thus started the series called Dear Lola.

Dear Lola

I’m ashamed to say that I failed to keep up with this series. Lola has reminded me of my failings weekly, until I finally decided I had to bring it back. So, send me your questions. Life questions, relationship questions, questions about cheese, and even questions about squirrels – Lola has information and she’d love to share it! You can email them to me, send them on the blog through the comments, find me on social media and shout the questions in all caps – however you can get them to me, I want them. I promise to read them all. I’ll even make sure Lola spends more than 2.5 seconds answering them between chasing a wild bunny in the backyard and pondering the meaning of a hummingbird’s life.

Now, since we live in a litigious society I feel obligated to mention that your questions are being answered by Lola, the English Bulldog who lives with me. She does not have a medical degree. She does not have a psychology degree. She does not have a degree in any field of study, unless you count her cheese tasting hours. She does have a degree in English Bulldogery and she’s ready to make you laugh.

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