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Every week I look forward to releasing my Twitter poll. I always think of questions that I think my readers will have fun with, nothing is intended to be serious. It’s just a group of people contemplating the oddest of circumstances, and deciding which ridiculous decision they will choose. However, there are people in this world who believe all fun should die a slow death. To these trolls I say, go fuck yourself.

Last night I posted my weekly poll and it quickly grew a life of its own. Within 2 hours, it had been voted on and retweeted more than any of my previous polls. Everyone was having fun with the choices and enjoying the brief respite from what can be an annoyingly difficult world. No one was worrying about North Korea, no one was debating who voted for who in the US elections, it was all fun.

Then the troll had to voice his opinion.

Within minutes I was involved in a battle of wits. Sadly, the troll didn’t have any of those and my retorts just upset him further and further. Other people joined the fray, a bit to defend me at first, then to just sit back and watch the troll be served a cold dish of ‘I owned your ass’ when I let loose. The troll couldn’t even come up with any response after a few minutes, apparently his vocabulary wasn’t up to scratch.

I think he may still be googling some of the big words.

I may have also used some of his previous tweets as evidence to his daring hypocrisy in lecturing me on my finding amusement in a post apocalyptic scenario.

So to all the internet trolls I’d like to repeat how I feel about your useless, joy-sucking, dreadful lives – go fuck yourself.

Everyone else should head on over to my Twitter profile to vote because you can appreciate that life doesn’t always have to be so serious!


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