Well, we had our first power outage of the winter. We had so many of them last winter that I was hoping I’d met some quota and could avoid any more this year. I’m blaming this on Hubster. Thanks to his being deployed through the worst of the winter outages, his quota hasn’t been met so I get to suffer through another round of dark, cold nights without TV.

Or not.

Hubster made it exactly three hours without video games, internet or TV. Three hours of darkness during the dinner hour that left us running out in the rain to pick up food. The cold is what I think really sealed the deal – Hubster was wearing three layers when something inside him snapped and the DecisionMaker came roaring to life.

A comic graphic showing explosions and blasts from the emergence of your spouse's alter ego.

The DecisionMaker is Hubster’s alter ego- it’s one word because who has time for the space bar when making decisions?! Hubster is normally so quiet and polite in public that people think he’s like that all the time. I get to live with his alter ego who is loud, loves to argue, and has an opinion on everything.

The DecisionMaker ordered a whole home generator and got the guys scheduled to install it. Not only that, he called the propane company and switched out our 300 gallon tank for a 500 gallon tank so we can power our entire house for weeks during an outage.

He made it three hours in the dark. Well, at least I don’t have to suffer while he’s meeting his quota!

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69 replies on “DecisionMaker has made an appearance…

    1. He just couldn’t take it! I’m so excited though, we lose power almost weekly throughout the winter. This way we won’t have to worry about heat and trying to find a hotel room if the power outage goes for days at a time like I did last winter.

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  1. Ha ha, my hubby doesn’t have an alter ego, he’s just like that all the time! Love how you living through it in his absence didn’t bring out the alter ego when he returned but had to wait till he experienced it himself for three whole hours! Great news though, you must be over the moon x (although I would quite like having an excuse not to cook!)

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    1. I am so excited! And bonus, I will not be cooking still because running the oven or stove off of the generator will cost three times as much in fuel as running my husband’s wood pellet smoker. So I’m going to use the financial excuse to get out of cooking 😈

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    1. It is! It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t during the winter when you desperately need heat- now we will never have to worry about that again. A lot of people ask me if I live out in the woods, and then they are shocked when they find out I live in the middle of a big city. But it is Washington state and the trees hit the utility lines often during inclement weather.

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  2. The DecisionMaker sounds handy to have around, despite being argumentative and loud which are both qualities that can be irritating in husbands. I would take DecisionMaker over “Well what do you think?” Quickly followed by “No, that’s not going to work.”… Why keep asking my opinion when you never take my advice???!!! 😱😱 (this point is a little close to home as you may have guessed). 😂#bigpinklink

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  3. I so need a decision maker in my life! My husband and I are both useless with decisions and we can sit around all day trying to decide what to do or where to go. Do you hire The Decision Maker out?!

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    1. I do think he needs a cape! He can put it on so that I’m alerted to the fact that a big decision is coming.

      I’m glad you told me that you went into the spam folder, I found a couple of you languishing in that blogger jail cell! I think I fixed it, but if it gets you next week you just let me know 😜

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      1. Sounds like I was having a little party with myself in there, and all the questionable spelling and adverts for sex aids. It’s the closest I get to a social life now haha 😆 x

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      2. Really? Check me out and my bad self! *high fives self*

        …. I may need to get out more. 😂

        Thanks so much for hosting #momsterslink lovely x

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    1. I was so happy! He was deployed the entire last winter and I just did not want to spend that much money without his input. We talked about it right after he got home but even he didn’t want to spend that money. That three hour power outage changed his mind. Thank goodness!

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  4. At times like what you’re describing, I like to lapse into that old-fashioned I’m-not-gonna-touch-this-because-it’s-boy-stuff chick. Guys seem to love taking charge in that area and I’m more than happy to allow them to revel in their masculinity. Isn’t that nice of me? (Seriously, I do have feminist tendencies, but I choose to ignore them when it suits me.) #momsterslink

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  5. WEll atleast your hubby’s alt-ego makes decisions, mine just sits on the sofa and plays video games, I call him the teenman, lolz. I’m not sure I’d be able to survive a power outage like that. #momsterslink

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      1. But if you barricade yourself in and stay quiet they should move on to easier prey, like poor me with just fizzy water, crackers and a flashlight. You guys? You could survive for weeks!

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          1. Note on our door: I’m so sorry. We’re not home right now. As you can tell from our lack of a huge light-generating well … generator. But have you tried the Keets? Maybe they can help you. TTFN XOXO!

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  6. Haha at least you won’t go cold again. I always worry about spending large amounts of money so I quite like it when hubby makes the decision to just go and buy stuff so I don’t need to worry about it #DreamTeam

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  7. Back again for a second visit. Have there been any more re-appearances? And did you get the cape? Or maybe just an alarm that he can sound to alert you to the oncoming decisions? Brilliant. Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

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