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Well, I’ve had an exciting day! We were hit with a mighty snowstorm last night and it carried over into today. I spent the day with no electricity….aaaahhhhh! But wait, was I without electricity for days at a time, reminiscing about how much this winter was like the previous one?! No, I was not!! That whole home generator the Hubster demanded we install in November was worth every single penny we spent on it.

You remember the tale, I spent an entire season with intermittent electricity while the Hubster was deployed and then he came home and after a 3 hour period without electricity he lost his mind and demanded change. Read about it here.

I spent 14 hours today in a well-lit, warm home with access to all my important things like a refrigerator, stove, television, and full iTunes library to watch. What I didn’t have was almost more traumatizing- the internet. Yep, my perfect plan to never suffer a moment of discomfort in my life was thwarted by a tree branch, or 30. So there I sat, desperately wishing to blog, with only a single bar on my cell phone. Blogging was out, but Facebook and Tweets were possible if I put in the effort to hold my phone up to a single corner of the house about three feet above my head.

Lola and the Hubster are still mocking me with their eyes.

On to the contest winner! Last week I announced a contest to win an apparel item from my Zazzle store. Today it is finally time to announce the winners. The grand prize winner is….

Katherine over at Twin Pickle!!!!!!

I was going to give away one prize only, but my readers were so awesome with the social media shares that I decided to award two more prizes. The second place winner is…

Heather Claridad!!!!!

And the third place prize winner is….

Lisa Pomerantz!!!!!!

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who entered the contest!

Contest Winners

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