Well, I’ve had an exciting day! We were hit with a mighty snowstorm last night and it carried over into today. I spent the day with no electricity….aaaahhhhh! But wait, was I without electricity for days at a time, reminiscing about how much this winter was like the previous one?! No, I was not!! That whole home generator Hubster demanded we install in November was worth every single penny we spent on it.

You remember the tale, I spent an entire season with intermittent electricity while the Hubster was deployed and then he came home and after a 3 hour period without electricity he lost his mind and demanded change. Read about it here.

I spent 14 hours today in a well-lit, warm home with access to all my important things like a refrigerator, stove, television, and full iTunes library to watch. What I didn’t have was almost more traumatizing – the internet. Yep, my perfect plan to never suffer a moment of discomfort in my life was thwarted by a tree branch, or 30. So there I sat, desperately wishing to blog, with only a single bar on my cell phone. Blogging was out, but Facebook and Tweets were possible if I put in the effort to hold my phone up to a single corner of the house about three feet above my head.

Lola and Hubster are still mocking me with their eyes.

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