Well, this isn’t the post you typically expect to read on a Monday, is it? Dear Lola is supposed to be here, giving you advice for all the trials and tribulations you face in life. Birds pooping on dinosaurs, coworkers bringing smelly foods to work, kids being termagants and making their parents question why they ever birthed the little terrors.

However, that’s not what you’re getting today in Internetland.

You see, when I logged into my blog account I was startled to find that the robots had completely taken over the world while I slept. Instead of finding my writing templates all laid out perfectly, I found discombobulated words in random order. Instead of finding my artwork sitting in its beautiful media library, I found them cowering in a corner with no way to jump into their places on my blog posts.

It is robot anarchy at its greatest.

Now, I’ve been assured by the tech support team behind the scenes that this is merely a switch in the ‘editor’ tool that is being utilized. The editor, of course, referring not to an actual person but to the toolbars that allow me to write my posts and dictate its layout on the screen. Without the editor, you would see absolutely nothing.

Yet I cannot help but wonder if that tech support team is still human.

What if all the humans have been replaced and the robots are just trying to get me to accept the new world order?!

So as you can see, I’m having a bit of a meltdown at the moment and cannot figure out how to present you with a Dear Lola letter – at least not one you would be able to read on your computer screen. Maybe we should switch to smoke signals to communicate. There’s only one inherent flaw in that idea.

We would have to use the robots to Google the smoke signal codes.

2 replies on “Smoke signals and a day of blog anarchy…

  1. Oh no! We know that if you’re having trouble, there’s no hope for mere mortals!! I hope it gets fixed soon! When I was working and my computer would freeze or whatever nightmare it wanted to cause that day, I would recite the following phrase. “Computers make my life better, computers make my life better…” it never helped the computer to work but I felt calmer somehow…🙄😳😜love you 💖

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