This year has been a hell of an adventure and it’s only June. If the media is to be believed, the world is crashing and burning and we’re all going to die.

Which is exactly why we don’t let the media fly airplanes!

If you are anything like me, you have probably spent a fair amount of 2020 surfing the television channels for an unbiased news program to tell you what it happening on the planet – which is apparently about to send us the way of the dinosaurs because we can’t keep our shit together. When that failed, you may have moved on to binge watching the latest and greatest of Netflix and simultaneously surfing social media for backyard renovation ideas. Except there were no backyard renovation ideas, were there? At least not ones you could find. Instead you spent hours trying to weed through all the sponsored ‘news’ stories and fact check boxes until you just gave up.

I sprained my eyes from rolling them too often.

Luckily, I live with an English bulldog whose personal motto seems to be ‘boredom is not an option’ – a motto Lola heartily embraces every moment she is awake. During a recent mission to find the best donut in our state, Lola was the backseat driver I never knew I needed.  If not for her, I would have had to rely on a map app that would have foolishly given me directions like turn right, or take a left at the light, or the destination is just ahead. Utter poppycock.

The canine nose is capable of sniffing out any bakery within 100 miles.

After successful navigation on the part of Hubster, who most likely would have preferred if I sat in the back with Lola instead of trying to help by shouting out each turn we missed, our trio had enough donuts for an in-depth comparison of five bakeries. Unfortunately, our experiment came to an abrupt end when Lola desperately bit off a monstrous chunk of her very first doggie donut and began to choke on it.

I’ll never know which donuts are scientifically the best.

Here’s a fun fact – after your dog almost dies while eating a donut, everything tastes like fear and anxiety.

Kindess is Free

2 replies on “Fear, anxiety, and a rainbow of sprinkles…

  1. OMIGOSH! I hope Lola is okay! She’s such a trouper, sniffling out the fine baked goods with no thought for her personal safety! What would we do without her!? This really made me LOL!!

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