Dear Lola,

I have been invited to several weddings this year and I’m already dreading the expense. I planned to purchase one formal dress that I can wear to all three weddings. The dress code for each event is similar and there is not a lot of overlap amongst people I know at these weddings. When I mentioned it to my sister, who is also attending two of the weddings, she was shocked that I would do this. She says I need to get at least two dresses so that I don’t embarrass myself by looking poor or clueless. I say that purchasing two dresses that I won’t wear again is wasteful. Who is correct in this situation?

Waste Not Want Not

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Dear Waste Not,

I applaud your honesty in the final moments of your letter to me. You don’t actually care about whether or not you should wear one dress, or three – you really want to know if your sister is wrong.

Then you’ll rub her nose in it like a good sibling should.

This is the adult version of giving a sibling a wedgie. Instead of pulling up your sister’s underwear, you’re prepared to metaphorically slap her silly with a piece of paper written by a bulldog. Whether or not your sister actually believes that a canine can dispense appropriate advice is irrelevant. For the remainder of your life, you can hold onto this moment of victory while you smugly smile over your tea cup.

Your sister is completely wrong.

This isn’t the 1800s. No longer do packs of ‘proper ladies’ titter behind their lace fans at the poor soul who dared to wear an ensemble more than once. As a matter of fact, in this age of eco-consciousness, you could be labeled flippant for purchasing dresses you will never wear again.

Even should you choose to donate the items to charity, there is no guarantee they will not end up in a landfill in short order.

You go ahead and wear the same dress to all three weddings. You can easily swap out accessories to change the look entirely. A shawl or formal dinner jacket that compliments the dress can quickly transform the look of your outfit. You could also consider doing some tailoring to raise or lower the length of the dress between events.

If you do happen to hear any tittering, simply ask those people to get back into their time machine.


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