Lola’s dinosaur saga continues into the third week of her reign of terror. Chapter 1 saw Lola claim all the cheese this world has to offer, using baby Rex to strike fear into the hearts of the humans. Chapter 2 earned Lola unlimited use of the couch, leaving the humans sitting on the floor to watch their favorite television shows unless they wanted to feel the wrath of baby Trix.

Chapter 3 sees Lola challenging a human stronghold that no canine has ever won the right to – the bed pillows.

The coveted mattress and all the luxurious coziness we humans need to survive the long nights are in danger. No longer will Lola confine herself to the foot of the bed, leaving the best spots for the comfort of the humans. It ends here and now! Canines around the world have been alerted and are mobilizing as we speak.

It all started a few nights ago, when Lola was placed in the bed while the humans brushed their teeth.

Lola made herself at home, lying on the Daddybeast’s pillow. Knowing that humans place great importance on calling dibs on things, Lola thought she had clearly conveyed her right to the pillow. Daddybeast did not agree. He instead chose to challenge Lola, telling her to shove over and give him his pillow. Lola was not pleased. Prepared to decamp and call dibs on the next pillow, Mommybeast beat her to the spot – leaving Lola without a pillow to lay her head upon.

Mommybeast clearly understands how the natural world works, she is in no danger of retaliation.

Daddybeast will not be so lucky. Unwilling to admit that he had bullied his dear squishy face canine out of her rightful spot on the bed, he instead commanded Lola to lie down in the tiny space he designated for her.

Some may say it was larger than his own spot on the bed, but Lola vehemently disagrees.

As Daddybeast will soon learn, the one who has command over the dinosaurs is the one who rules the world.

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