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You may remember from a few weeks ago that I was left unattended with the internet for too many hours – it resulted in odd purchases on Amazon. One of those purchases was completely practical and necessary, which I proved to Hubster this weekend while visiting tourist sites in our area.

Lola made her public debut in the stroller.

We were in a crowded area on a very hot day and I decided heat stroke was imminent. Lola was put into her stroller and walked around like the pampered pooch that she is. Everyone was cooing at her adorable chub being squished into a stroller, and asking if they could pet her.

Lola was in her glory.

Lola sitting in her stroller

Then the moment came when someone had to ruin it by being a jerk. Unfortunately for her, I’m very quick-witted and I aim for the kill. As the lady rounded the corner, she came within a foot of Lola’s stroller. She looked. Then she whipped her head back for a second look. Then she laughed and said ‘that is so ridiculous’ with disdain dripping from her voice. My reply came within milliseconds.

So is your face, but I wasn’t going to say anything.

Judging by how hard her friends were laughing at her, this will be a story they tell for the rest of her life.

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