Dear Lola,

My wife and I are having a long-lasting argument over which superhero is the best of them all. I love Batman but she’s adamant that Superman is much better. I think Batman’s gadgets are awesome and that alone makes him better than everyone else. Can you please give me your opinion so I can leverage it against my wife during our next debate?

Man or Man 

Dear Lola

Dear Man or Man,

You’ve just found yourself in a mighty fine predicament. You’ve written me a letter for help, convinced of your own argument’s superiority. Never once did your mind consider that I would not agree with your viewpoint, and now you’ll lose standing with your wife as she uses this response against you.

Superman is better than Batman.

Let’s think about your argument for a minute. You like Batman because he has cool gadgets. I believe a Mr. James Bond has cool gadgets and he isn’t a superhero. He’s just a dude in a nice tuxedo. Batman is a dude dressed up like a nocturnal mammal who’s practically blind. Do you think a blind superhero is better than the god of all superheroes?!

Superman could utilize gadgets, rendering your Batman argument moot.

Frankly, if you’re going to try to challenge Superman’s title as Most Awesome Superhero because of gadgets, you should have chosen Iron Man. At least your wife could respect that argument. Iron Man has money, just like Batman. He has gadgets, just like Batman. Iron Man has a robot assistant, Batman has a butler who assists him.

Robots are always the better choice.

I propose that you finally come to the conclusion that Batman is not the best superhero, he is not even in the top ten. Frankly, you need to switch to arguing that Wonder Woman is the best. One, because women are awesome. Two, because she’s the equivalent to Superman in many ways – she may not be able to fly but she can sure as hell jump high. Three, she’s a woman and your wife would probably find it slightly disturbing to argue against her own gender being the best.

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50 replies on “Dear Lola – Man or man or woman…

  1. I totally think that Wonderwomen is the reigning champion of all superheroes. Not only is she undeniably and most completely awesome, but she’s also a good egg in a sea of many corrupt ones 🤩 Superman comes in at a close 2nd! Thanks for being such an amazing host on the #dreamteam xx

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  2. Isn’t Daredevil the blind superhero?! Oh wait,wrong universe … I totally agree with your choice. Wonder Woman has brains, beauty, a lasso and an invisible jet. Beats both Superman and Batman hands down

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  3. I agree with you about Wonder Woman. I think the man who wrote you was missing the point. When his wife said “I think Batman’s gadgets are awesome”, she wasn’t really talking about “gadgets”.

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  4. Superman is invulnerable and can do all sorts of zappy moves and hold up buildings and mountains, whereas Batman has a good line in bat-shaped boomerangs and a cool car and … that’s about it. Now if he has kryptonitte in that bat belt it might be a different story! #DreamTeam

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  5. I love superheroes so this is a hard choice. For me I think superman is great just because he can fly! I think I’d like to be super girl given a choice. Although there needs to be more super hero women in general! #dreamteam

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    1. We do need more superhero women! There are a bunch of them in the X-Men universe, but why do the avengers and justice league have so few women compared to the number of men?! Luckily I think they are starting to change that, and we should be getting our female captain marvel soon.

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  6. Hmmm. Devil’s Advocate card….

    You argue that the superheroes born/created with super powers or supported by master engineers are better than a child who witnessed his parents murdered yet rose to defeat a hostile takeover of the family business whilst still fighting crime?

    I vote Batman, Man or Man was right, but for the wrong reasons!

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    1. One could also postulate that superman is not actually someone born with superpowers – he is normal when not exposed to a yellow sun. He is an immigrant whose parents died and he was forced to live in a new foreign place. He did not have the benefit of money to ease the way and was reliant on himself (and his adopted parents) to make his way in the world. 🧐


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