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This weekend I realized there is a distinct difference between my friends and I. Everyone is on social media talking about losing weight, eating healthy, getting in shape, and trying to ‘live their best life’ – a phrase that continually baffles me. You can’t actually live your own definition of best life – you must live a version that fits into the happy, healthy, and perpetually smiley face this trend promotes. Admit it, you never hear people use ‘live their best life’ to describe bitter internet trolls sitting on the couch targeting their next victim – yet those trolls probably feel like they are living their best life!

I have just blown your mind, haven’t I?!

While my friends are all becoming better humans, I spent my weekend scrolling through the internet to find where the drive thru cake shops are located. You see, I am living my best life, right here in my living room. I look at cake on the internet, hug my precious Lola, snack on a few cookies, and then take my afternoon nap.

Sometimes I even add a morning nap to the routine if I can.

Now, it’s Monday and I have a very best Monday to live. I plan on taking a morning nap since I stayed up so late the night before. Then I’m going to have a grilled cheese sandwich. I will undoubtedly take 100 pictures of Lola and then cuddle her as I locate my new internet fascination for this week.

Fingers crossed that I can find an all-you-can-eat cookie cafe near my house.

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104 replies on “Clean living & healthy eating – a guide to living your best life…

  1. It isn’t all you can eat but if ever you find yourself in NZ, particularly Queenstown there is a place called “Cookie Time” and they have milk “on tap” (think beer taps) and you can buy all sorts of decadent cookies and have them either warmed up (to melt the chocolate or other delicious fillings) or cold. You can also have the milk warm if that’s your thing. It was awesome in snow season although this have more to do the with novelty that was milk, cookies and snow to me as an Australian. But still, eating cookies = living the best life I agree 100%

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  2. There’s so much pressure on doing certain things but I agree with you, we all have our own best way and I don’t think there’s anything better than endulging In cake! #DreamTeam

    Soffy //

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    1. Me too, that’s actually what prompted me to write this post – people telling me I had to join in because I would feel so great if I did something good for my body. I feel great now, why do I have to join the cult?!


  3. I don’t like my pre-baby body – but I’ve accepted it now. Four years after the birth of my youngest I’ve decided to just be happy! Fab post #DreamTeam

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  4. Live your best life really does seem to be a lot of effort 😉 Mine would involve TV re-runs of Miss Marple, hot chocolate/ wine, and a good book or magazine. No effort whatsoever! #DreamTeam

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  5. I’m not living my best life right now as i’m 29 weeks pregnant, with twins and suffering pretty much every issue in pregnancy known to man. HOWEVER, Last week I ate a whole tub of ice cream to myself, I regularly eat takeaways as I have no energy to cook and I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich last week which I’m planning to recreate when I have the energy again!
    Life is what you makes YOU happy, sod the risks of heartattacks and people wanting a healthier lifestyle hahahah! #dreamteam & #globalblogging

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    1. Exactly! Make yourself happy, eat another tub of ice cream and know that your children will always remember that their mom was a happy person. No one remembers if their mother was skinny, they remember if their mother was happy.


  6. I always want to tell people banging on about living their best life is that as this is it, they are living their best life right now so shouldn’t they just be getting on with it?! I suspect I have no future as a motivational speaker

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    1. You just read the entirety of my motivational speech. You and I should just go get a piece of cake together and leave the rest of the people to try to figure out where else gluten might be hiding.


  7. “Your best life” – if you aren’t living it now, get on it! I’m living my best life and it consists of being mega busy, working outside the home, parenting 2 daughters, never being at home, and eating too much pizza. But it’s a great life. It makes me sad to think others aren’t living their “best life” or at least don’t feel like it.

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  8. Oh your post made me giggle! Did you find the all-you-can-eat cookie cafe? I wish I could take a nap today, but I have another hospital appointment today. #Dreamteam

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  9. An all you can eat cookie cafe sounds immense! All we can do is try and live our own best life, whatever that looks like! #DreamTeam

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  10. Phew!!! Heather I was scared to click on this post for a second there…..”clean living ” makes me want to cry . My best life is most certainly made of naps and snacks !! #globalblogging

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  11. Haha this is just what I think of that phrase – it’s just so weird when someone says it but mean they’re living the best life they think someone else will think is their best life. It’s such nonsense. My best life is me, sitting right where I am – fingers tapping the keyboard while I drink a hot coffee! 😉

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  12. I try to take an afternoon nap every day. Science has proven that a even just a half hour nap can make a person more productive and focused throughout the rest of their day. And that to me, sounds like a happy and healthy way to go. You’re already ahead of everyone else my friend:) #globalblogging

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      1. Oh yeah, In fact, supposedly companies in Japan actually encourage their employees to take a 30 minute nap during the work day. I don’t know if it’s all companies but apparently its a thing. Now if only the U.S. could get in on this;) Coming back again from #DreamTeam

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  13. Absobladylutely – it’s up to us to define what we want out of life. This is a similar train of thought to the post I wrote a while ago about ‘having it all’ – and who is it exactly that is defining what ‘having it all actually means? It should be us ourselves. Not anyone else.

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