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Someone asked me recently who my best friend was. I was thrown for a loop because as an adult, having a single best friend seems oddly out-of-place. I have a “best friend” at every duty station the Navy has put us in. Heck, I have more than one in most places thanks to the revolving doors and endless moves we Navy wives make. Defining just one best friend would be impossible and would make everyone feel worse.

With Christmas coming, I’m not risking anyone’s ire.

That being said, I was inspired to create this by my recent futile attempts to save up the plane fare to visit a close friend before she lays waste to the West Coast in order to get me back on the East Coast. She warned me not to buy a house…I did. She warned me not to make any improvements to said house…I did. She warned me not to buy anything that wasn’t a dire necessity, even toilet paper was deemed extravagant…I did. But these faults should all be forgiven when she sees this:

Witty- True Friendship 22

Now, for everyone who is in the immediate area around me, you’ve got to be vigilant! A Heather without Taco Bell is a disaster waiting to happen. I can feel the grumpiness swirl around me in a cloud.

P.S. I made this meme on day 17 and decided to wait to post it because I wasn’t sure I’d make it through the weekend without getting my cheese fix. But I did it!

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