I broke my foot. Once again, I have broken my foot and I have no idea how or when I did it. For about three weeks my foot has been in pain, most days I just limp around the house in denial that I need to see a doctor.

Today was the end of that denial.

I woke up and put my feet on the floor to get out of bed and the searing fire that roared up my leg told me I couldn’t ignore the foot any longer. I hobbled around feeding Lola, who was very distressed at my ridiculous attempts to walk. One hour and an x-ray later, I definitely broke my foot. I couldn’t even begin to tell the doctor how I did it.

But you, my dear readers, you will get the real story.

I broke my foot walking. Yep, that’s it. Thanks to my muscular dystrophy I have ridiculously fragile feet that attempt to murder me on an hourly basis. I lift my foot, the toes flop back down, I almost trip and die. Every day, every single day, I give my feet a pep talk about just staying up when I lift them and not dropping back down and trying to trip me… usually resulting in some part of my foot being fractured. But thanks to my form of the disease, drop foot is going to happen no matter how many pep talks are given.

Now I’m wearing a boot.

Not the stylish kind that make fall so much fun, but the kind that announces you are a klutz, incapable of even walking without injury. The worst thing about this is that it’s my driving foot. That means I can drive but I have to take the stupid boot on and off to do so. Seriously, that’s more work than I’ll ever put in to leave the house. Frankly, just the battle to put on jeans overwhelms me on most days.

Pajamas should be an acceptable form of clothing in any situation!

Now I’ll be a hermit for the next week, or three. I don’t know if I’ll really make it that long in the boot since it’s been only two hours and I already want to bust free. But on the bright side, now I won’t cave in and eat Taco Bell.

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14 replies on “I wish I had a cooler story…

    1. Well thank goodness! I thought it was a bit pathetic until I started getting feedback. Apparently not knowing how you hurt yourself is as hilarious as say, falling off a turnip truck.


  1. Oh, you just might be related to me and my daughter:) As we have a tendany to fall when we stand, trip over imaginary bump, fall down when we’re already sitting and much more:)) Welcome to the club of klutzies:)

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  2. Oh no!! I’m sorry to hear this, but now you have a bonafide excuse to wear pajamas around the clock.
    My husband broke his foot a few years ago…stepping off the porch. He was so embarrassed that he didn’t have a great story. I told him to just tell people he was in a brawl. He hated his walking boot but was a total trooper about the whole thing.

    I hope you recover quickly. (Wish I could send you Taco Bell!)

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    1. You sent me virtual Taco Bell, it definitely helps! I know exactly how your husband feels, I’ve been telling people I got it by jumping out of an airplane during a reenactment of the Harrison Ford movie Air Force One.


  3. You must be the only other person who has ever done this! When I was 11 my foot just hurt I did not remember doing anything to it, limped for two weeks because I mean it can’t be anything bad I didn’t do anything to it…I had shattered my 2nd metertarsal and it was jammed in an artery 😳 Oooops!

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    1. Dear mother! I have finally found someone else who injures themselves as badly as I do with no apparent way of knowing how they did it!! Seriously though, you got your arteries involved and I’m pretty impressed that you made it two weeks.


      1. Honestly I still to this day have no clue 😂 my parents spent 2 weeks telling me to walk properly!! In those two weeks I did a 6 hour shopping trip, ran two miles & did a 6 hour dance tech rehearsal 😳 Eventually go to A&E we had known the lead consultant since I was like 3! He watches me walk & says shes fine she’d never manage that well if it was a mess. The x ray comes back his jaw hits the floor 😵 He starts screaming at me to sit down immediatly 😂 think I gave him heart failure

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