Lola and I took a few days off social media this week in order to lay around the house like fat kids and pretend the country wasn’t going election crazy. The fence around our property is being replaced so there was a bunch of machinery here making noise and it traumatized us both into missing our daily nap.

If you don’t take a daily nap, you should really give it a try. It’s wonderful!

There was also an hour where Lola had to bark each time she saw a worker. You know, just to let them know she’s got this place covered.

Longest hour of my life.

Then the bunnies came out last night to mess with Lola’s head. Without the barrier of a privacy fence, those bunnies were setting off the motion sensor lights all night. The front would light up, Lola barked and ran to the window. The side would light up next, Lola barked and ran to the other window. Then the back would light up as the bunnies frolicked, and Lola was forced to bark and run to the back window. Seriously, those bunnies better watch out – Lola has a lot of pent-up rage and frustration to get out once the fence is complete.

Then came bed time and Lola did not get any relief from her job. The lights would come on outside our window and Lola would start to low growl a warning to the furry bunnies intent upon my death. Even when Lola managed to sleep, she must have been dreaming of bunnies and all their nefarious plans – she was kicking frantically while yipping in her sleep.

Hubster managed to sleep through it all.

This morning I woke up with a bunny hangover and Lola barely managed to pee standing upright. I made it all better by putting Lola’s office bed into the dryer this morning to toast it. She is now snuggled up as I write and snoring loudly. I hope she gets some sleep, because we’ve got two companies coming to do work today and it’s going to be hectic.

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12 replies on “The Nefarious Plans of the Bunnies…

  1. Just when I think you couldn’t be any cooler… you nap in the day – and you toast bedding in the dryer just because snuggly. #heroworship #bigpinklink x

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