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For the past week I’ve been working my tail off on designs for my Zazzle store. I knew I couldn’t solve all of America’s election problems so I decided to make what little difference I could- retail therapy. I even started throwing in sales on election day just so people could come home and cry into their alcohol and order an adorable outfit for their baby or a wristwatch for themselves.


Check out my store by clicking on the photo above or click here. I’ll be adding new designs often so let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like me to create and I can get to work on it.

Hey, look at that, you read to the bottom of the post. Leave a comment on this post or share this post and tag me in it on social media. On Saturday morning I’ll pick a winner to receive a $10 gift certificate for my Zazzle store! See, good things come to those who wait (and read to the end of people’s posts).

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Lola and I opened a store so we can sell our funniest blog sayings on cool stuff. Check it out at Shank You Very Much