What do you get when you mix Lola with a baby bison? You don’t know? Well, prepare to find out! Lola and I are taking our schtick on the road to Yellowstone National Park. We’ve arranged (with an employee we are related to) lodging inside the park and we’ve got it on great authority that the bison actually walk up to the front door. To prepare for our journey, Lola and I have been list making. The first list to be taken care of: medical items Lola may need when trudging about near random wildlife. We visited the vet to check on vaccinations and I was assured that all the current Washington state shots should cover her in Yellowstone.

I bet Hubster $100 that Lola finds a mutant strain of bison virus that makes its way into her and then converts over to a human strain and infects me.

That is not what you want to be on the news for.

So, our medical supplies have been packed, I have a canine first aid kit alongside my human first aid kit. I even bought Lola that adorable insect bandana that she doesn’t like because even though it says “odor free” I think that just applies to humans. Lola took one whiff and said she would risk Zika. Obviously, there will be a struggle each morning to place the bandana on a wriggling bulldog body.

Now, I’m off to convince Hubster to allow me to purchase a doggy stroller for Lola’s safety. I plan on pointing out there are hot springs that actually get to boiling temperature and two people have already died there this year by falling in. I’ll be subtle (hahaha) when pointing out his refusal to purchase the stroller will inevitably lead to Lola’s death. And mine, because guess who’s not letting her boil alone?!

If subtlety doesn’t work I may need to draw him some pictures.

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