You know that one episode of Seinfeld where Jerry leaves the apartment and Kramer immediately springs into action – moving furniture, inviting people over, and generally having a grand old day? Then Jerry comes home and Kramer is napping and he thinks that’s all Kramer did all day.

That’s Lola and I when Hubster leaves for work in the morning.

This morning, mere seconds after the Hubster closed the door, Lola and I went on a tear around the house. We were chasing a ball trying to build up enough predator prowess that we might have a shot at keeping up with the bunnies that call our backyard home. Lola and I ended up slamming into one another in the hallway and having to catch a mirror that was falling off the wall.

I guess those bunnies will continue to elude us!

We immediately launched into a rousing rendition of “Get in the Bath” and I realized that Lola needs a swimming pool. She was really struggling to earn those Olympic gold medals in our tiny tub. Wrestling that porker out of the tub and into a towel left us both breathless. Side note: There’s a small possibility I’m out of shape. But just slightly, I mean, I blame Lola for being hard to corral because there’s no way I’m that out of shape. 

Lola and I ate lunch in the man room while we plotted how to takeover the room and turn it into a bouncy house. But not your average bouncy house, that wouldn’t be special. We want a really awesome dog version with tunnels that lead to treat pits and bubble machines that never stop pumping out bubbles to chase.

By the time Hubster came home we were exhausted and napping.

Lola the English Bulldog is sitting on a couch, wrapped up in a red fleece blanket and ready to take a nap.

He naturally assumed we had been sitting in the same spot all day.

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48 replies on “Yep, we’ve been here all day…

    1. I LOVE the Seinfeld reference, you have made my day! Thank you for all the support, I’ve entered you in the drawing. FYI, I will be adding some Seinfeldian items in a few weeks, because I owe that show for my entire personality!

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    2. I’m not sure what happened but apparently I bookmarked you on my computer but never click follow so I could easily read you through the WordPress app. I’ve corrected that mistake so I can enjoy you as soon as you post!

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    1. Thank you! I was ordering items and sending them out to readers and finally decided to just start up a store because too many requests were coming in for products. I’m already fine tuning the new items that will be out on Monday so it’s pretty exciting! I’ve entered you for the drawing.

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    1. I know for a fact that Lola does that! I once left and locked the door and waited for 10 minutes and then I unlocked it and opened it very quickly. She came scampering out of the back room and plopped in her bed as if I didn’t notice she wasn’t where I thought she would be. She’s a mischievous goober.


    1. You don’t have to be ashamed, but if you ever get the chance give it a shot. The show cracks me up and shaped my whole life. You can watch it on Crackle, the site is free (you can pay but the Seinfeld is part of their free lineup) and they have apps for the TV so you can watch it on a big screen.


  1. I have the same problem! Rory comes home and thinks I’ve been sitting I the same spot all day. Hahaha Some days he is right but we won’t admit that. Haha

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  2. You could have my firstborn. He mows, picks up doggy deposits and can clean bathrooms. You would only have to get him through learning to drive and 4 years of high school.

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    1. Lola is going to start a country wide tour, now that the Daddybeast is on shore duty and can take leave. We will keep you updated as we start driving to all the National Parks!


  3. If you want my first born or second born we can share! You can have them monday-friday and I’ll take them on the weekends! :):) I’m loving everything in your store!

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  4. Ok so firstly. *stops and puts phone down*
    *erupts into crazy happy dance*
    *virtually picks you up in a big bear hug and poss waves you about in the air in manner of Patrick Swayze or similar*
    YOU HAVE A SHOP?? IT SELLS COOL STUFF!! I’m so very excited for you and will be popping over to check it out. Xx

    And secondly. Can I be your dog? I want a bouncy house too! 🙂 xx

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