Today’s the day, we’re off to Yellowstone! Lola and I are going to storm into that place and snap as many pictures as we can. We estimate our Nikon camera has enough memory cards to take 10,000 photos. That’s TEN THOUSAND!

We don’t think it’s enough.

We’ve been generous enough to allow the Daddybeast to come with us on this adventure. Normally the Adventure Team consists of two – but like a great Marvel movie, we’re willing to allow stragglers to join in for a ratings boost. Just this once though, we can’t always afford to share our food!

Now, let’s get to the best part of today – the free gift certificate to my new store! Last week I posted that every commenter would get an entry into a drawing to win and I’ve done the drawing. Lola was present to ensure there was no funny business. And the winner is…

ALEXA C!!!! I will be in touch as soon as I return from Yellowstone next week so you can start your shopping.

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22 replies on “Yellowstone or bust…

  1. Tips for Yellowstone in August

    1. Don’t.
    2. Wake early each day, get there first, leave before everyone finds out what you’re photographing.
    3. Purchase nothing within park limits. West Yellowstone sells coffee, pizza, and gas for half the price and they know it. Then again, Cody, Wyoming, sells it all for the half the price of West Yellowstone but they’re too far away to brag.
    4. It’s a big-ass park. Sincerely. You’re not going to see it all. Get a really good map, pick out an area, and really immerse yourself in it. You can always come back for the other parts later unless what they say about the magma bulge under Yellowstone Lake is true. Tick-tock. Skip the touristy crap (Old Faithful ain’t) and hike to the beautiful, unmarred features away from the parking lots so it’s just you, the chipmunks, and the geysers. Otherwise, it’s gonna feel like a crowded, trashed, armpit-smelling Disneyland with toddlers stuck on the Wail setting.
    5. If you can’t find a parking spot, you didn’t listen to Tip #1.

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    1. I have to confess, I have a secret weapon which made me go to the park now…my aunt is a big wig in the park and I’m staying with her in her house in the park. She’s going to arrange our trek to maximize the sights I see and she gets special parking at the hotspots. It’s going to be epic! I am going to do exactly what you said though and avoid the common crap with the kids set to wail! I wanted to really see things that the average sightseers aren’t doing. The rest I can google and view on a screen. The Hubster was cracking up as I read your comment while we drive. He’s pretty sure we should take you on our next trip so we can avoid the crap that’s not worth our time.


      1. Oh, the things I could tell you.

        I’m jealous as hell of your connections inside the park but I gotta say: You haven’t had the full Yellowstone experience until you and thirty other tired campers are yelling “Shut the fuck up!” at a rutting bull elk who is scraping his antlers on a tree two feet from your vehicle and grunting like an elephant in labor at one o’clock in the morning on a frigid night in September.

        Or satisfying a lunch attack on a cold, cold day by setting up the most luxurious picnic spot ever: Sitting in an Adirondack camp chair in a vehicle pull out in a remote, wild section of the park, completely encased in your sleeping bag from chin to socks, and slowly making your way through beef stroganoff and hot coffee while you watch wildlife move leisurely across the plain. Twice, people yelled, “That’s awesome!” at me from their cars as they drove by.

        Or peeling off thermal layers with shaking hands to reveal a swimsuit on the banks of the Boiling River and then making your unsteady way between rocks, rapids, and necking couples to the one spot left with warm water uncoiling into the current from the hot spring like a liquid ribbon of comfort in an otherwise deadly river. Getting out later on will cause your brain to list all the symptoms of pneumonia against your will.

        See? You gotta come back in September. The Japanese tourists will be in season.


              1. Nothing illegal, nothing disgusting, just stories that only adults should hear. Also, I just know some behind-the-scenes information about that place that I can’t divulge in the interest of protecting certain parties and their government jobs. Stuff happens.

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  2. I was born and raised in Wyoming and visited Yellowstone and The Jackson Hole area frequently. We made a trip there as a family (the youngest in my belly, just finding out before we left). It was a great experience and one that I hope my older two boys will always remember. We will go again in a few years when the three younger ones can safely go on a good white water rafting excursion. Thanks for linking up with #momsterslink!


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