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Today’s the day, we’re off to Yellowstone! Lola and I are going to storm into that place and snap as many pictures as we can. We estimate our Nikon camera has enough memory cards to take 10,000 photos. That’s TEN THOUSAND!

We don’t think it’s enough.

We’ve been generous enough to allow the Daddybeast to come with us on this adventure. Normally the Adventure Team consists of two – but like a great Marvel movie, we’re willing to allow stragglers to join in for a ratings boost. Just this once though, we can’t always afford to share our food!

Now, let’s get to the best part of today – the free gift certificate to my new store! Last week I posted that every commenter would get an entry into a drawing to win and I’ve done the drawing. Lola was present to ensure there was no funny business. And the winner is…

ALEXA C!!!! I will be in touch as soon as I return from Yellowstone next week so you can start your shopping.

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