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Those are my brains splattered all over the screen

If you’ve been following my saga of migraines you know I have to avoid aged cheese until I go to the doctor to get some medication to prevent migraines instead of waiting for them to blind side me. Literally. You know this, I know this, God knows this, I even wrote an Ode to Bleu Cheese since I miss it so much.

Then why did I do it again?!

Because I didn’t know the aged cheese was hanging out in my pesto sauce I had for lunch. I thought goat’s cheese was the only cheese gracing my pesto and with how cheap it was who would have thought they used good, aged cheese. So what was in the pesto you ask???

Parmesan. Those sneaky little bastards.

I miss you cheese, my dear aged cheese that needs me to eat it. I promise you I will get medicine tomorrow. And then I’m taking my revenge on you in bulk.

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