Today I’d like to touch on a few newsworthy items happening in the world… or just in my world. Lola and I have been having a blast!

-I celebrated my birthday with friends since the Hubster is all but a figment of my imagination at this point. I vaguely recall what he looks like, but I’m not sure I could recognize his voice again. Deployments suck everybody. Luckily, my friends made sure I drowned my sorrows in a four course feast at the Melting Pot. There was melted cheese pots, pots to cook piles of meat, and pots of melted chocolate ala Wonka Factory. And a salad course. That one is basically just a throwaway course when you consider the other three, but it is included in the price so I ate it.

-I still haven’t overcome my fear of ferry rides and I have an event requiring a ferry in a month. If a ferry disappears between now and then, you’ll find me hiding in my closet.

-I completed more writing jobs, some of them were about celebrities. Too bad the celebrities are lame and practically unknown. I wonder if the people hiring me to write about them are actually their publicists? Am I just encouraging those stupid Kardashians to put out more articles about themselves to counteract the articles I’m writing about other celebrities?! I must think on this before I do anymore of these celebrity jobs… who am I kidding?! They’re paying me and I love the smell of money.

-Lola had a major meltdown outside. I’ll write a full post about it once I recover from the trauma of having to haul my bulldog into the house at 1am. She is heavy and awkward and she pulls that jello move that all kids perfect by their first birthday. I wonder what my neighbors think of the crazy dog lady who lives next door?!

-My blog was the most viewed last week on a very popular linkup I participate in. And by popular, I mean the blogger has well over 10,000 followers. I’m at about 500, what does that tell you?!! Anyways, as the most viewed blog she gave me a ton of free publicity and I’m proud to say I didn’t let the accolades all go to my head. Hahahahahaha. I lie. I went on a social media victory lap while laughing and squeezing Lola so hard that she decided to fill out her last will and testament. (She left everything to her Daddybeast, as if that guy even exists anymore.)

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10 replies on “That victory lap made me hungry…

  1. Oooh, your world is nice! Except that your husband may be imaginery. Time will tell.

    I’ve lacked the confidence to try Writers’ Access, but this chit-chat about writing about unknown celebrities has me intrigued… I need to just jump in and try it… Eeeeeks.

    Congrats on being, like, so popularrr!!

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    1. You should sign up, no need to worry about your confidence because you can choose which articles you want to write. There are so many different things that come up every day and I skip things that I don’t want to have to research about and I choose things that I know I have some knowledge in. I’ve done the celebrities, pets, humor… You name it, they’ve got it! Your confidence will build with every order you complete.

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      1. Cool. That’s all good to know. My writing experience mostly stems from journalism, where I didn’t know what I’d be writing from day-to-day, and I didn’t always know the topics very well. Getting to choose the topics (and maybe having the freedom to write conversationally!) would be fantastic.
        Thanks a bunch for telling me about it!

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  2. So happy for you and so jealous of your victory lap! I have even fewer followers than you do (100, I’m thinking). But hey, who’s counting? (Hah) Maybe I’ll win a prize for fewest followers!

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  3. How cool that you write and get paid for it!!! That’s way more exciting than how many followers I have. I haven’t checked for this linky who was most viewed yet. Guess you will have to tune in Thursday and find out :)) thanks for linking with #momsterslink and I apologize for my delay in commenting as I have been enjoying a little break :))

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