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Apparently I need to work on my time management. I haven’t posted a new blog in two weeks, but it’s not all my fault. My baby brother decided to pop in for a visit since we haven’t seen each other in almost seven years. Since I only had one day’s notice of his arrival, things like scheduling blogs to post in my absence just floated away as I planned the most important part of my brother’s visit:

What restaurants we needed to eat at to fulfill our lives.

Yes, I’d love to admit I’m showing him the amazing scenery that Washington state holds so dear. But I’m not. I’m showing him the inside of restaurants as we drive from one meal to another. I also showed him the inside of a mall.

Here’s the thing, my brother lives in Alaska. I drove two and a half hours to the Olympic Mountains and we only stayed for 15 minutes. Then I drove the two and a half hours back. It’s very, very hard to impress an Alaskan resident with scenery. Especially when you consider that as kids we RV’d our way across America. More than once.

So yeah, restaurants are what I had to impress him with. I’m not sure I succeeded but he did get to eat a Dork burger so that’s a win. Now, I’ve got to go buckle down and plot out the last few days of meals.

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