My brother has left, his vacation with me is over, and I am bereft. But it’s probably a good thing that he left or I may be dead.

Allow me to explain.

As you all know, my brother lives in Alaska and scenery is king there. A trip to visit me in Washington state means I don’t have a lot of options on things to amaze him with. I’ve got mountains, his are better. I’ve got ample wildlife, he has more. So honestly, the only thing I had for this kid were casinos and food.

I did great at the casinos. I was ahead and loving life. It was the food that tried to kill me. Things were going great, until Friday night. We decided to return to a restaurant we had already been to and I ordered with gusto.

I love that gusto sounds like fatso, it kind of elevates my status when I tell a story involving too much food.

By 5am on Saturday morning I had given up the fight. I stopped counting the number of times I vomited when I reached 24. I asked my brother to kill me, he wanted to so many times in our youth, but as an adult I guess prison doesn’t look as good. He declined and bought me medicine.

I thought my brother had surely matured and was officially an adult.

Then he abandoned me to go to a casino. In all honesty though, I would have done the same thing.

Siblings are the best!!

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4 replies on “It was his last day and I almost blew it…

  1. 😩 Are you better??
    Are you sure your brother didn’t put something in your food to pull you away from the casino so he’d win more than you?
    Brothers are sneaky…

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    1. I am feeling better, though it took two days before I got the courage to eat a real meal. He may have snuck something in my food… But if he did, it backfired. He went to the casino alone and lost all his money. At least when I went with him he walked out with some of his money!

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