It’s official, I am now a paid professional writer. Holy crap! I know I’ve been saying for the past six months that I’m a freelance writer, but honestly that was mostly just a cover to enjoy sitting at home watching trashy TV. But now, it’s finally official, I am a freelance writer. I was accepted onto a writing platform, graded, and given a pretty awesome star rating considering I’ve got no resume to speak of in the field. Then I thought I would sit back and wait. According to the forums, it can take a while to build up a client list and make money.

Well, I didn’t have to wait. My first client chose me from a casting call within 24 hours and I was given 18 orders to complete within 3 days. My brother was visiting but as a man who enjoys money as much as I do, he told me to buckle down and get that cash. And get that cash I did! Ten of my 18 orders were pulled into the random Editor arena and all of them came out smelling like roses and needing no revisions. I was, quite frankly, on a high. Then I got a message from the final Editor for the tenth piece pulled. I was nervous and worried they would take one of my stars away, which seriously hurts the amount I get paid.

I don’t know why I doubted myself. The Editor said I was doing awesome and was happy I met the deadline with such a ridiculously large order for a newbie!!

Yay me!

And now I’m off and running with new orders just about every day. If I’m not posting here, it’s because “the man” is giving me jobs…and money. God I’ve missed money. I think my eyes are more sparkly when I see money.

I’m going to go stare at my bank account balance… again.

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10 replies on “I am officially a professional writer…

  1. Omigosh! You must be flying!! Congratulations!!
    I haven’t figured out the first steps to make this happen. I’ve written for a newspaper and edited for Thingies, but never written my own stuff from home… I feel like a confused, lost puppy.

    So excited for your success, Lady!!

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    1. I started with a platform called WritersAccess. It really helps you to get some confidence in writing for other people and their subject matter. I was very nervous and walking around the Internet in a stupor when I found them.

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