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Lola has been hard at work this week trying to kickstart our very stagnant Instagram account. To wow her audiences, Lola has prepared a “Days of the Week” series and it started yesterday. So if you are not following us on Instagram, you’re just missing out aren’t you?!

Fret not, if you’re not on Instagram, we will be posting the series here next week Monday. Sure, you’ll be a whole week behind on the happenings of Lola but I’m guessing since you don’t have an Instagram account, the thought won’t bother you overly much. And you probably liked that phrase fret not… because you’re my grandmother.

Now, on to the important news items for the day. (Now that I’ve discounted Lola’s awesome series, I imagine she’s trying to determine where to drop a poop nugget for me to find at a later time.) I ordered a new garage door. My current setup had a major diva moment and seized up. The motor gave up its life and the springs were following suit. Rather than wait for a spring to snap and take off my face, I chose to be proactive.

And if you don’t believe me about those springs being a menace, you should talk to my old maintenance guy who only has 7 fingers now.

So, here’s to hoping Hubster doesn’t come home from sea and pass by the house because he no longer recognizes it. And that I still have a face.

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