Yesterday was the first day of what the Hubster is deeming “The Lola & Heather Adventures.” No work schedule, no Littles shrieking in delight/anger/frustration or pure unadulterated rage – no reason at all to even get out of our pajamas.

Except no one else got the memo.

By 0730 I had so many phone calls and text messages that I gave up and got out of bed. Lola protested and slept in for another hour. Thus, we have the first rule of our Adventure Team – put the phone on silent when sleeping. Rule two of the Adventure Team is no talking about what time the team wakes up.

We wouldn’t want anyone to become jealous of our sleeping schedule and decide to wreck it by stopping by for a visit.

Lola and I did make it out of the house, thanks to a few appointments with contractors at the new house. And there was a showdown with a Chihuahua. Not to embarrass ourselves, but I think the Chihuahua and it’s owner won that round.

In our defense, that Chihuahua had the markings of a Rottweiler, making it appear larger and more fearsome than your standard Chihuahua.

P.S. We wanted to name ourselves Team Chubs but we felt that it would exclude our skinny friends from joining us. We also didn’t want to lose complete hope that one day we could be skinny. And then we laughed really hard and ate a pizza roll.

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