There’s a new pattern in my life and I hate it. Yesterday morning started off early – I was awake at 0419. Yes, to the minute I know when I looked at the clock because I was flabbergasted by my body betraying me into consciousness.

I guess it wasn’t really my body, so much as my brain. My body knew it needed another 29 hours of sleep before it could function but my brain was being a total asshole.

Today, apparently, my brain decided to get a little payback for the asshole comment. My brain decided to punch me into alertness at the wonderful time of 0248.

And what was I thinking about?! Surely it must have been of the utmost importance to require my thinking about it at such an early hour.

Yeah, that would be a no. My brain needed to think about selling my shit online and packing up the house…

As if anyone in my area is awake at 0248, let alone wanting to buy my crap that I don’t need in the new home!

As I sit here and write this, the coffee maker is turning on automatically so the Hubster can enjoy some delicious caffeine before work. I am now traumatized on a whole new level. My normal wake up time is hours after that coffee machine turns itself back off.

I’m going to go lie down on the couch and hope the sweet, sweet jokes of Seinfeld will put me back to sleep. Or at least keep me entertained enough that I don’t lose it like George Costanza by lunch time.

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