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So, this is the longest stretch I’ve ever gone without posting since I started my blog 3 years ago – a whole week and a half. And in that short time, or really long time for those of you with addiction issues, I’ve managed to need an emergency room visit in the middle of the night, a toenail that is hanging in the balance, and the closing of my home daycare.

That’s right, you read that right. I will no longer be hosting Littles in my home every day.

Hubster and I are moving into our new home in the next 6 weeks and I’m going to start writing full-time. If that fails to get anywhere I’m going to try to make a career out of eating cookies on the couch.

Now, I know you are all worried that I won’t have anything to write about, but I still have Lola and her antics, the psychotic squirrel in the backyard who tries to kill my Lola, and now I can add the contractor shenanigans involved in gutting a house to redesign a kitchen.

It’s going to be magnificent and probably require a few more emergency room visits.

P.S. I’m trying to figure out a way to trap the psychotic squirrel to bring it to our new yard. Lola doesn’t even realize how much she’ll miss him.

P.P.S. I bought a selfie stick…you’ve been warned.

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