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I now have a complete understanding of the faces I see walking out of Home Depot on the weekends. You know the faces. People have a cart full of items you can’t identify and their faces have that look like, “you fucking talk to me and I’m going to lose it” as they push that cart out of the door.

I had that moment this week.

The Hubster and I are renovating the house we bought, we don’t want to move in and then have to live through the process. We thought we made a smart move…until the Home Depot run.

I spent three hours embroiled in heated debate with the Hubster and You Tube. $900 was spent on I’m not even sure what. And when I turned to push the cart out of the store I loudly proclaimed “LET’S DO THIS!”

And then paused as I finally realized why Home Depot made that their slogan; that heavy cart full of items you can’t identify practically forces the phrase from your lips.

On a side note, unique is all well and good when you’re discussing people, but horrifying news when you’re talking door sizes.

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