Over the weekend we had a terrible storm hit here in WA state. Normally I’d be upset that the severe wind and rain caused me to lose power all day on Saturday, but considering the amount of wildfires we have raging right now, I’d say the rain was a good thing.

I used my day to sit around complaining that everything I liked to do couldn’t be done without power.

Television, out.

Games on my iPad with the dead battery thanks to my not planning ahead, out.

Games on my phone which was rapidly losing battery life, out.

Writing my blog and interacting with other bloggers, out.

Reading on my Kindle with a dead battery thanks to my not planning ahead after my marathon of book reading in the days before, out.

As the day wore on and the house got darker, I became a bit hysterical. How did all those people in the dark ages stay sane during the dull, dark times of the day? How did cavemen not go completely insane from a lack of light and anything remotely exciting to do?!

I was so desperate for entertainment that I played solitaire. With real cards. That I had to shuffle by hand.

Lola also suffered greatly during this power outage and high winds. She is now holding her bladder and bowels and only running outside if she is in dire straits. This is the third day and I predict that I will be getting a vet bill for a bladder infection if I can’t get the wind to stop freaking her out soon. Between the squirrels throwing acorns and the wind throwing all our outdoor equipment around, Lola is counting on this starting the zombie apocalypse.

Lola demanded I make her a meat jacket with the freezer full of meat that was getting warmer by the minute. In case you’ve forgotten, I will survive the zombies but Lola didn’t score as well. Read about it here.

Now, I’m off to command the wind and rain to stop for a minute so my little pooper will go relieve herself. Wish me luck. If I fail, I may train Lola to use one of those kid potties that sit on the floor.

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