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I’ve decided Hubster has finally reached the end of the road.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who’s talking about murder?! I’m not talking about murder. What’s wrong with you guys?!! You’re watching too much CSI and NCIS on television.

Hubster has reached the end of the road as far as movie watching in bed goes. Every single night he turns on a movie. Then he demands a volume level ten. I argue and we usually settle on an eight. The sleep timer gets set for an hour because he “wants to watch.”

Within 15 minutes the Hubster is sleeping blissfully and I’m being mercilessly tortured by whatever shootings, explosions, and bombings are in the movie. Last night, it happened to be a train horn that blasted through the room and caused me to wake up.

As I searched around for the remote control to turn the TV off, I happened to glance at the screen. I was hooked. Two hours later the ending credits came on. I’d like to give you all a tip that you can bet on – watching Unstoppable is not conducive to going to sleep.

May the gods of daycare be merciful today.

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