Mother nature is sadistic this week. Washington state has had another round of 90+ degree temperatures and I had high hopes I could save myself on electricity. Luckily, Navy housing bills electricity on a sliding scale so if everyone uses more, it raises the ceiling on where I have to start paying for “overuse.”

I would like to thank all my neighbors for also going out to purchase air conditioners and then turning them on and running up all of our bills to help the group average. You guys are the best and if I knew anyone of you, I would offer you a Twinkie. But I don’t know you and I don’t share Twinkies that easily.

Today though, mother nature seems intent on driving me to drink. It is 70.3 degrees in my house when I walked out into the main room. I was about to turn on the air conditioner but decided a cursory check of the outside temperature was wise. It felt cold when Lola went potty and the app said it was 60 degrees, so I opened all my windows.

My house is now 70.5 degrees. What the hell? Am I crazy or is it NOT supposed to go up 0.2 degrees when the outside is a full 10 degrees colder than the inside? So I turned on fans to suck in cold air.

It is now 70.8 degrees inside. Outdoor temperature is 60. I am fucking baffled. I knew science has always been a bit elusive for me. Perhaps the advanced trigonometry and calculus courses I took were actually Counting to Ten for Dummies.

Something’s off.

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