Have you ever noticed that your hair looks amazing every single day for weeks at a time, then one day it will just look ridiculous? For absolutely no reason that you can fathom? And you cannot even get your hair to stay put with maximum hold products?

Well let me tell you, that happens to me only on the days when I am scheduled to see my hair stylist. I bet Inga thinks I just walk around looking ridiculous every single day. Let’s face it, she only sees me once every four weeks and each time, my hair is a mess.

I wonder if Inga wants me to stop referring people to her but she’s too nice to say so?! She’s probably thinking I am a terrible advertisement for her skills. If not for pictures, I might have to concur with her assessment but thanks to photos, I know my hair looks great all the time. Except that one time I need it to.

Hair, you are a bastard.

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2 replies on “Pass me the scissors…

  1. Ah, see, my hair will look crappy for weeks on end, so I’ll book an appointment to get it cut – and then it continues to look crappy, right up to the day of the appointment, when it will suddenly look fabulous and I’ll question whether I should get it cut at all.

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