It is possible to be loved too much. I never really thought that until I met Lola. We call her the Babybeast and on Friday she proved that she loved me beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The title of beast was very appropriate.

Our power went out unexpectedly after hearing a very large bang outside the house. I immediately ran outside thinking it was the apocalypse, because obviously it couldn’t be as simple as a transformer failure.

I was pretty disappointed there was nothing on fire or any carnage for me to stare at.

Lola was in panic mode, running around and barking at every single beeping smoke detector in our home while simultaneously trying to make sure no deer were plotting their hostile takeover of her territory.

All of a sudden, the doorbell rang. Not normally a big deal, but something in that ring must have sounded menacing and terminator-like. As I’m walking down the hall, Lola runs directly into the back of my legs.

I fell down.

In my shock, I manage to roll over onto my back and then the Babybeast decides I’m not yet safe enough from the dangers of the doorbell pusher. She crawls, up onto my chest, and lies down with her face right next to mine. I can feel her hot breath in my ear and I swear she whispered “Shh, Mommybeast. They don’t know you’re here. You’re safe with me.”

Yeah, I feel especially safe Lola. Meanwhile you’ve bruised me beyond all belief and I’m not going to get my power restored if I don’t answer the door. Now let me up!

Then the doorbell rang again. I felt Lola tense up even more and then she lunged off my chest with all her might so she could frighten away the evil being intent on my death.

So that’s what those chest paddles in a hospital feel like!

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5 replies on “Breath-stopping fires of hell painful…

    1. The maintenance man. And he did look a little scary. So maybe Lola did have a good premonition. But if I tell Lola that, she’s going to throw me to the ground every time someone knocks on the door. So it’s just a secret between us.

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