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It was a close call, but I managed to beat the zombie virus that has plagued my body for the past two days. I did nothing but sit on my couch and try not to move. At one point I lost all feeling in my arms and I really thought I had reached the end of the line. I desperately put out a help call on Facebook for my mommy.

She didn’t answer.

Maybe she was hedging her bets and cozying up to my nieces to ensure she got a good nursing home.

Luckily, Lola has some sort of zombie vaccine. She wanted me to live until her birthday, which is today, so she blessed me with the cure. It involved me getting pummeled with her ball while she drooled all over my practically lifeless body.

I’m going to keep that chunker close to me in the event I catch another round of this vicious virus.

Now, here’s to Lola’s birthday!

Lola squinting at the camera trying to look menacing

Someone doesn’t want to admit she’s one year older.

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