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The Hubster and I were recently driving on our local roadways, out and about for a little jaunt to procure some food.

Alright, I’ve already annoyed myself trying to jazz up this post with sophisticated words. I’ll stop now before you all quit reading.

We were driving, when all of a sudden, I spied my first ever robot driven car. It was amazing! There I am, yelling at the Hubster to speed up so I can see into the car, meanwhile he’s trying not to crash from my enthusiastic screeching.

We pace the car for a few minutes, I’m chattering a mile a minute in tones only dogs can hear, and finally the Hubster breaks in to mention that there is no robot driving designation on the outside of the car.

Apparently, robot cars say they are driven by robots.

Finally we get in front of the robot car and I realize it is just a dude sitting with his chair reclined so far back that you couldn’t physically see him unless you looked down into the car.

What a fucking disappointment.

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