Another taste test, another British victory over America? Let’s find out. Today we are taste testing Cocoa Krispies, or as they are called in the UK, Coco Pops.

First, let me tell you, the name of the British cereal is very confusing to me. We have a cereal in America called Pops and I wrongly thought the Coco Pops would be a chocolate version of that cereal. Like a Coco Puff, here in America.

Nope. It’s not a pop or a puff, it’s a Krispie. Britain, I’m going to need you to rename your cereal to something that makes sense to an American. You know, because we like to do it special.

Remember the metric system debacle?!

Taste test - Cocoa krispies

I’m not sure, but I think that Coco Pops character is a monkey. Did the people of Great Britain not like our three Kellogg’s guys? I am baffled that they have a whole different character featured on their box. I must know why. I mean, if they opened a Disneyland in the UK would they make Mickey a moose? Or a horse?

Is there nothing sacred in this world anymore?!

I’m going to pull myself back in, I feel like we’re getting a bit off topic. Hubster was my taste testing victim for the day. He loves cocoa, krispie, and Cocoa Krispies. He has also been pestering me for weeks to let him do the cereal testing. Until I opened the packages.

Why was the British bag of cereal all cloudy? Did it die on the way to the US? Or is this the effect of the BHT added to the American cereal? Tip for all you readers out there, America adds BHT to our cereals to make them “fresher” and the Brits have banned that from their food entirely. Because it causes cancer.

Sometimes I question why Americans are so dumb that they’ll eat carcinogens. But then I see a Twinkie and I just eat it. So I guess I’m on board the dumb train.

Once you pour the cereal into bowls, you can see the huge difference in the two products. I tried to take a picture, but after 8 attempts I decided you’ll have to trust me. The American cereal was so shiny, and the British cereal was so dull, that I had to recheck the boxes to make sure I hadn’t compared the wrong items.

The first bite reinforces that these cereals are vastly different.

The US version was so sweet that the Hubster said it hurt his teeth. And this is a guy who lives on sweets. He has never met a sugar he didn’t like. Hubster said he preferred the less sweet taste of the UK cereal. You know, because he could eat a bowl without needing a trip to the dentist.

So I hit up the ingredient list to find out why the shine and sweetness were so much greater in the American version. The US version uses semisweet chocolate in their cereal. The UK uses fat reduced cocoa powder. One quick google check confirmed that semisweet is higher in fat and sweetness.

Not only do our teeth ache, but we get fatter also.

Hubster than added milk to his cereal and this is where America scored over Britain. The American cereal, and it’s outer shiny exterior, repelled the milk from soaking into the cereal and making it soggy. There were still crunchy bits on the last bite. The UK version was soggy by bite number two.


I asked Hubster for the final vote and he said the British took the trophy. He said he’d rather not eat a cereal that makes his teeth hurt. Britain, you are our only hope for a perfect cocoa rice cereal – let’s get them to make is crispy until the last bite!

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