Spring is in the air and Lola has some extra pep in her step. The squirrels are back and Lola has been warning them all day to watch their backs. Lola’s lost about 1.5 pounds and she is now speed and muscle. And ribcage.

Still a whole lot of ribcage.

I wonder how much of her body weight is composed of her English Bulldog ribs?!


Those squirrels are screwed – 1.5 pounds on a bulldog that weighs in at 40 pounds makes a huge difference. She’s jumping at least 5 inches higher. No kidding around, she kissed a daycare dad’s face and he measures in at 6 feet, 2 inches. She’s never been able to make it to his face before, just shoulder height.

Today, there was a squirrel on our fence. Lola was sitting at the screen door being taunted but she was as still as a statue. All of a sudden, I see Lola tense. Before I can even get a word out, Lola had gone straight through the door.

The squirrel pooped himself in fear while falling off the fence, luckily on the side Lola couldn’t get to. I start laughing hysterically at the sight of a squirrel up in the air with little pellets of poop raining down around it, when I realize that the only thing providing me with fresh air is the screen door that just got smashed.

So here I am, trying to get the screen door back into the doorframe, when Lola decides she desperately needs to get inside the house and look for her ball…

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2 replies on “She took the door down… twice…

  1. No kidding! She can jump super high for a hefty looking dog! Catches you by surprise and leaves a trail of slobber down your shirt. Haha not to mention her obsession, a very serious obsession for her ball. You better throw it for her or else….

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