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Remember back in the day, before the Wii came out, when we used remote controls that had wires connecting them to the Nintendo? Remember how you would play Mario Bros. and throw your arms all over as you acted out what you wanted Mario to do? Well, I sprained my shoulder as a kid and now it acts up whenever it wants to.

At least that’s my story. Saying my shoulder hurts because I sit at the computer for too long every night is just sad.

I decided to check out my book progress in Microsoft Word and lo and behold, the shoulder injury is really slowing me down. I only have four pages written.

Four pages in 5 months.

Today I’m going to go buy a notebook and start writing by hand. I must save the shoulder for my blogging. And I figure once the book is done, I can read it to my iMac and it will do all the typing for me.

Shoulder is saved, book is done, the world will rejoice.