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Bloggers Confession: I’m not ashamed to say that many hours were blissfully wasted in this taste testing endeavor. And I’m guessing my friends were just as happy to waste their time since they’ve been asking when they can be of service again. 

I’ve eaten Oreos. Many Oreos. I’ve had friends and neighbors eat Oreos. Many Oreos. And while eating all these Oreos, I was able to come to a scientific conclusion regarding whether the UK or the US has the better cookie.

food- Oreos

Brits on top, Americans bringing up the bottom.

The first taste test had three separate components. The guinea pigs (being my friend makes you my pet apparently) had to rate each cookie based on the chocolate, the cream, and the overall taste of the Oreo. And they had to grade each component when dry and after being dunked in milk.

But don’t worry, this was highly scientific and I channeled Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory to ensure it remained so. I documented the subjects’ responses and they didn’t know which cookie was which. They also didn’t get to just dunk that Oreo all willy-nilly; they had to count to five.

Accuracy not even slightly guaranteed.

There were six Oreo eaters in the test with three of them eating fewer than one dozen Oreos per month on average. The other three are Oreo connoisseurs and eat in excess of six dozen Oreos per month.

Six dozen! 72 or more Oreos PER MONTH!!!! FYI, you can click these images to print your very own copy of the test and gather some of your friends (who eat too many Oreos to be considered close to healthy) and get them to eat with a purpose.




This taste test has nothing on these Oreo eating fanatics I’ve recruited; they finished in record-breaking time.

The results were ridiculous, obviously because I threw in that extra answer as an option on each test question. Here are the results:

  • Overall appearance- “You’re ridiculous, they look the same to me”
  • Which Oreo twisted apart with more ease- Americans 
  • Overall best chocolate cookie (no cream) when dry- Brits (with an astounding 6 out of 6 testers!)
  • This was the moment I realized Britain was getting the better version of an American cookie institution. I may need to fly out to Britain and burn their Oreo factory down. 
  • Overall best taste and texture of the cream filling when dry- Brits
  • Best dry Oreo as a wholeBrits

Now we move onto the dunking portion of our taste test:

  • Overall best chocolate cookie (no cream) when dunked in milk- Brits
  • Overall best taste and texture of the cream filling when dunked in milk- Brits
  • Best Oreo as a whole when dunked in milk- Brits

So there you have it. The Brits won it dry and dunked. I must now go start a letter campaign to Nabisco. This is a travesty to the American people and needs to be stopped.

NOW HOLD ON JUST A MINUTE!! I did a second, easy to decipher taste test just in case my science skills were lacking. I had six completely different people eat one Oreo from each country and vote on which was better without having to complete the ridiculous three page test.

And 5 out of 6 said Brits.

Nabisco is getting some letters. And maybe some photos designed to strike fear into their hearts. Like me eating Keebler cookies. Or Pepperidge Farm cookies. I should not have to take this complete lack of regard to my taste buds from an American company. GIVE ME THE GOOD OREO!!!!

I feel a little like William Wallace taking his last stand. And now that these taste tests are turning me into a Brit, I’m going to go play with my English Bulldog.


I didn’t include the ingredient list because here’s the most depressing part about this taste test: The ingredients are identical. Sure we use different names for things, but once I was done googling all the crazy words, they all worked out to be the same. The ingredients are listed in a different order, which means the quantities of the ingredients are different.

Now I’m just left confused, and bereft, at why I’m getting a stupid Oreo here in America when just across that cold blue pond, the Brits are getting the yummier Oreo with the same ingredients.

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