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Three years ago I moved into this house in WA with the Hubster and the devilishly cute Lola. There were so many closets, pantries and cabinets that I was sure there was no way to fill them all up. In fact, most of the closets and cabinets were empty once we received our household goods delivery.

It is always a good sign to move into a new Navy house and not have to cram pieces into rooms and closets that are smaller than the last.

Fast forward to this weekend and the story is entirely different. I am completely overrun. Every closet is filled to its precise maximum capacity. I tried reorganizing and shifting and couldn’t free up any space. Which is baffling since I filled multiple boxes with items to donate, from those very closets.

I was finally forced to do something I swore that I would never, ever do…

I had to store stuff in space bags under the beds.