Lola is a puppy on a mission this week. The Daddybeast has been home in bed, recuperating from surgery. This means Lola has to stay off the bed, even though Daddybeast is lying there looking like he needs her snuggles.


I’m the BEST snuggler!!!

Needless to say, she’s plotting my punishment since I won’t lift her up onto the bed.

Last night I caught her in the laundry room, just standing there with a “nothing to see here” face. She hates the laundry room, sees no purpose in it other than big machines that make scary noises and the place that holds her food hostage. So I chased her out of the room and closed the door behind me.

Then an hour or two later I discover Lola sitting in the corner of the man room. She’s not on the couch, not lying in front of the heater – she’s just sitting in the corner wedged between the couch and the exercise bike.

She hates the exercise bike, it also makes scary noises like the machines that clean her blankets.

Finally I get her to come out to the living room with me as I watch TV. She’s ticked off that I won’t put her in bed with Daddybeast so she just glares at me. Trying to make eye contact while Lola is this mad is like staring at the sun – uncomfortable and may lead to blindness.

Out of the corner of my eye I see her twitch from her statue position of hatred and discontent as she glares directly at me. She falls, stiff bodied, straight onto her side, legs sticking straight out as if she’s in rigor mortis.

Mommybeast promptly had a mini heart attack.

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