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I missed my Sunday post yesterday because Lola and I were having too much fun together. We napped, watched Seinfeld, and chased squirrels in the yard for an hour.

I didn’t participate in that last activity.

Today my mind is completely garbled thanks to the government. It’s hard enough dealing with Monday Littles since they miss their parents and want to be home where they can be naked and free. The last thing I really need on a Monday is a boatload of emails to slog through and address.

Not to mention I’m still fighting the beast that is my new work website. You remember the one, it was designed 20 years ago and we’re trying to make it work today? Read about it here if you’re new or you just forgot because you have your own life also.

So today is a bust and I’m consoling myself with a Twinkie and this:

Witty- Babies

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