Today I decided to jazz up my online browsing because I almost died of sheer boredom. I was on Amazon and I was plain sick of seeing the same old stuff I order all the time. And then I keyed in a couple of letters and my day was magically transformed.

I went to the UK Amazon site.

I clicked on the grocery department because that’s where I was when I got bored on the American site. And I realized that they have vastly different products made by the same companies who make my American food.

For example, Kraft macaroni and cheese boxes looked way funkier and reminded me of the U.S. boxes from the 80s. Then I looked at the ingredient list and came to a stunning discovery. The UK version only has 5 ingredients. FIVE!!!!

America’s box had so many I stopped counting.

So now I was off on a tangent in my head wondering how different it must taste to eat the UK version of my favorite foods. I googled around and came to the conclusion that the ingredients in most American processed foods are banned in their UK counterparts. But without all these ingredients, can it really taste as good?!?! I mean, Ferrous Sulfate and Tripolyphosphates are fucking delicious!!!

Well, I’m going to find out. I’m going to order items from the UK site and taste test them against the American versions. It’s going to be goddamn epic.

P.S. I’m really confused about the whole currency conversion in dealing with UK groceries. I mean, I have no idea what the conversion rates are for the prices, but I assume I’m still on the losing end here. And shipping. I haven’t even looked at shipping yet.

It’ll be a hell of a surprise.

P.P.S. Even more fun than the cost of the food will be when I actually get the food. I mean, everything is crazy on that UK metric system. What the fuck is a gram?!?! And how much butter do they want me to add?!?!?! I may need my readers to do some conversions in case google is wrong. So be ready!

It’s going to be great!

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