Recently I was talking with a friend online and she asked when I had ceased being The President to Lola and earned the title Mommybeast.

Lola needed a nap.

As a secret service dog to The President, Lola had to keep constant watch over me. Since there were no other dogs to take over a shift, she eventually got tired. One day I turned around and Lola was gone – for the first time in almost three years. I found her lying on the couch with her blankie balled up under her.

She also blames the faulty election cycle we had for her loss of confidence in The President and the household as a whole. You can read about it here and here.

Lola the English Bulldog is sitting down, looking directly into the camera. Her ears are perked up, and her bottom teeth jut forward so that you can see them when her mouth is closed. She has brindle and white fur, with one eye and ear patched with color.

As the Babybeast, Lola now gets to eat cheese slices whenever she looks at the Mommybeast with big eyes.

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