I have used my Kindle so often and for so many years that it has finally decided to quit life. Things aren’t in dire shape yet, but if I don’t get a new one for Christmas there is a very real possibility that I will shank someone. That someone will be the Hubster. He knows he must buy me one and keep me happily reading or I’ll be up to no good in mere days.

I don’t want a new Kindle, so much as I need a new one.

I have the very first Kindle – with a full keyboard beneath the screen. This is special since they have since converted over to a Kindle with a touchscreen keyboard and no buttons. I love the feel of the real buttons when I’m browsing through the bookstore. It’s a conundrum because in almost every other area of my life I want the newest technology with the most streamlined look. But not for my Kindle.

I had no idea I was so sentimental.

I called Amazon, hoping to find a simple fix to my Kindle. Customer support said that my page forward button is sticking and he offered me a solution. He said to pry off the forward button that is causing the problems, there are two of them. Since I always use the left button, I am confident this is the culprit of all my troubles. If I pry this button off the Kindle, I can still use the other forward button on the right side of the screen. I asked if it would work and he said it should.

Then he offered me the final solution to malfunctioning electronics – a hammer.

This is my kind of guy. Breaking technology that is not cooperating is my forte. I decided to shop the new Kindle options before I went the hammer route. It’s always good to have a back up plan. The new batteries last weeks longer than my old one.

Screw sentimentality, get me a hammer!

The only downside I can see is that there is no white option any more. I always get white and the Hubster always gets black. And now Navy deployment packing just got interesting as the Hubster runs around scooping up any piece of technology in black.

This is like the Wii U purchase all over again. I like white!

Screw it. I’m jamming a piece of plastic under the button and keeping on with my white Kindle. Apparently, like Nintendo, I just love my original too much to get rid of it.

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3 replies on “Hand me a hammer please…

    1. No way. I’m an apple fan. And that Galaxy tablet is backlit. I’d be blind by 60 with the amount I read. Today alone I read two 380+ page novels. I want to see in my old age, that’s when I can start telling people what I think of them directly to their face and they can’t hit me. I can’t wait!


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