Last night I walked into Target to get a birthday card for my mom. Big mistake. $170 later, I walked out with the most expensive birthday card I have ever purchased.

Really, the price of cards needs to come down a little bit or people aren’t going to be getting presents anymore. Can I skip the card and just send a birthday email?! Surely my mother would not want me to spend $170 on a card every birthday. And let’s not even talk about mother’s day. You know they mark those things up around April! Next year I may spend $200 on a card. Where will it end?!

So, I spent $170 on a birthday card at Target. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Now, where should I store all of the plastic bags it required to carry that birthday card out of the store?

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3 replies on “That’s my story…

  1. Tough Choices:

    1. Spend ten minutes picking out a stranger’s card concept in a sterile store environment, swiping your debit card, and then bitching about what a burden it is to dedicate part of your life to the appreciation of a loved one.

    2. Spend an hour piecing together a hilarious hand-made card out of free materials around the house that harkens back to your mother’s days of putting your masterpieces on the refrigerator with ugly magnets…and including an ugly magnet in the envelope as a joke.

    (insert Jeopardy theme music)


    1. I almost went with choice number 2 and then I remembered that I hate art and have tried to avoid it my entire life.

      And my mom’s refrigerator is so high tech that magnets won’t stick to it.

      Luckily, I had option one.


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