Today we need to discuss something very important. It’s been weighing on me for a little while. It’s a bit serious, can be funny at times and definitely needs to be addressed.

Lola squinting at the camera trying to look menacing

Somebody get this beast a friend!

For the past few days we’ve had some really crappy weather here in WA state. I’ve been loving it and normally Lola doesn’t seem to mind. She pees in a spot of the yard that has roof cover, so she doesn’t even have to go in the rain to do her business.

It all changed last night.

The wind was whipping hard and our house is surrounded by very large oak trees. Needless to say, branches were smacking into the roof and the rain was beating down causing Lola all sorts of anxiety. Every sound was a possible intruder coming to do her and the Mommybeast harm.

Then the doorbell rang and she lost her mind. She actually snarled and growled this menacing, low growl that made my hair stand on end.

It was Laura, delivering bread. But Lola didn’t believe it. Lola said an intruder went to Laura’s house, cloned her and then came over to get us. Lola just knew it. And since Daddybeast has forever been lost, Lola needed to keep guard over me carefully lest I disappear as well.

I didn’t get any sleep last night. All I could feel when I closed my eyes was a furry Lola on top of me and her eyes boring holes in me.

It was the most awkward night in the history of Lola.

The wind is still howling like crazy this morning so Lola is sitting right at my feet to keep me safe.

P.S. The Daddybeast hasn’t really been forever lost, Lola just can’t understand the concept of the Navy. 

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